Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Nessuno mi può giudicare - Escort in Love

English title Escort in Love
Found this gem of an Italian Movie this week.

After the Germans made fun of the profession in the movie Stellungswechsel, it is now up to the Italians.

This Italian comedy with serious undertones depicts the life of a mother-cum-escort. It also has several funny sub-plots about homosexuality, about racism and about puppy-love.

As always, you wonder if the Belle/Billie series[link], or any of the chick-lit escort books were the inspiration for the movie, but it is the result that counts.
And this movie Counts.

It is first and foremost Funny - It is Comedy!
And It has its tragic moments. It is also visually pleasing.
In short, a nice work of Art.

And Doubly enjoyable to watch if you are slightly familiar with the world of Escorts and Punters.

It shows several of the dillemas that an escorting Lady (mother at that) might face.
- meeting the highly succesful role model with a huge spending power.
- the decision to go on the game (financial need!)
- cynical lessons and coaching by an experienced Escort.
- the fotoshoot.
- the first appointment.
- juggling the confidential activities with real life.
- the unexpected confrontation with a customer (in a sporting good store).
- funny customers (several are hilarious, but all seem ideal punters).
- performing striptease at a bachelors party

Do I have some critical remarks though:

For one thing, there seem to be no real awkward or dodgy customers ever.
And the movie features only two highly succesful Escorts, the coach and the main character.
The Coaching Lady is a full-time Escort who found her vocation,
who owns a very posh appartment, has ideal clients and no apparent problems ever.
Other escorts appear as "extras" in some scenes (nice yacht party) but they all seem clones of the two main characters. None of the escorts are EE or other foreign nationalities.

Then there is the close group of friends and neighbours who seem to not suspect anything, ever, despite some weird and awkward (somtimes Hilarious) moments. Even when the Potential boyfriend/partner finds out, turns her down, and refuses further contact, he doesnt seem to blow the whistle to the entourage.

And at the end of the movie, when the mother has resolved her financial problems (a large amount of money gathered in an unbelievably short time) she exits the profession with an almost casual Ease. On exiting the profession, there is a dialogue between the two escorts, where the mum confesses to sentiments that were not apparent during the movie.
And after her short and profitable stint as an escort, she isnt hooked on the revenue and doesnt seem scarred or jaded in any way.
Almost Too good to be true.

Nessuno mi può giudicare is, in the end, a feelgood movie, so I can accept the deficiencies, but still.

More Background still in this interview with the yummi Paolo Cortellesi here.

All in all this is a very much recommended movie (10/10 on IMDB, from me). But I would prefer to watch it with an Escort rather then with the wife, lest you show recognition or laugh at specific items.

Happy viewing.
And dont let anybody judge you.